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PSU Primary Capital Market Database

The first disinvestment by way of public offer took place in 1995-96. Since then, Rs. 2,92,605.48 crore has been raised through PSU disinvestments from capital markets.

In addition, Rs. 1,38,610.81 crore of fresh capital has been raised by various PSUs.

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Following are the PSUs which have announced their intentions to raise funds through a Public Offer.

Another point which is seldom brought up is if the market can handle the huge magnitude of disinvestment paper. The past data clearly shows the huge depth in the market. As an example, the Reliance Power Rs. 10,123 crore IPO in January 2008 was able to attract as many as 46.23 lakh retail investors who collectively put in a massive Rs. 39,919 crore as advance application money in just 5 days. And, these were man-on-the-street investors, who put in applications of less than Rs. 1 lakh each, and were genuine investors, sans the multiple applications, following the strict enforcement/regulations post the IPO scam. Add to this the response from the QIBs which was Rs.5,08,487 crore and from HNIs which was Rs. 1,63,705 crore.

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